Type 1 – Single Layer Single-sided flexible wiring containing one conductive layer and one or two polyimide outer cover layers. One conductive layer, either laminated between two insulating layers or uncovered on one side. Access holes to conductors can be on either one or both sides. No plating in component holes. Components, stiffeners, pins and connectors can be used. Suitable for static a...
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  • How many steps do you know for the PCB assembly process? Sep 01,2020
    How many steps do you know for the PCB assembly process? As a PCB & PCB assembly manufacturer, it’s necessary to let you know what our PCB assembly services are. PCB assembly is a complex and lengthy process involving many different phases, and also the key process for realizing the functions of the final product. Every steps must be executed exactly by paying utmost attention. Any minor error...
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  • what is the definition of a PCB board? Nov 02,2020
    What is a Printed Circuit Board (PCB)? How is it done? What Does It Do? A PCB is not just a structure designed to keep electronic components fixed and anchored. Its functionalities are deeper and embrace several criteria. An interesting journey to discover printed circuits. PCB design: introduction The designers of 40 years ago were real heroes. They did not have computers...
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  • Why Are Circuit Boards Green Nov 02,2020
    The day before yesterday evening , one of my friends was chatting with me, who worked in the electronics world. And suddenly, he asked me, “Do you ever think why are circuit boards green?”  I was so spellbound that I couldn’t answer it immediately. I just thought that he asked it out of curiosity, and may be he was mistaken to assume that all circuit boards are green. So, when I was free from...
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