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  • How many steps do you know for the PCB assembly process? Sep 01,2020
    How many steps do you know for the PCB assembly process? As a PCB & PCB assembly manufacturer, it’s necessary to let you know what our PCB assembly services are. PCB assembly is a complex and lengthy process involving many different phases, and also the key process for realizing the functions of the final product. Every steps must be executed exactly by paying utmost attention. Any minor error...
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  • what is the definition of a PCB board? Nov 02,2020
    What is a Printed Circuit Board (PCB)? How is it done? What Does It Do? A PCB is not just a structure designed to keep electronic components fixed and anchored. Its functionalities are deeper and embrace several criteria. An interesting journey to discover printed circuits. PCB design: introduction The designers of 40 years ago were real heroes. They did not have computers...
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  • Why Are Circuit Boards Green Nov 02,2020
    The day before yesterday evening , one of my friends was chatting with me, who worked in the electronics world. And suddenly, he asked me, “Do you ever think why are circuit boards green?”  I was so spellbound that I couldn’t answer it immediately. I just thought that he asked it out of curiosity, and may be he was mistaken to assume that all circuit boards are green. So, when I was free from...
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  • Why the trend of FCT replacing ICT during PCBA test? Jan 09,2021
    PCBA board needs to be electrical and functional tested before delivery to customer. The normal methods include FCT (function test) and ICT (in circuit test). Few decades ago, ICT was popular in electronic manufacturing industry. Many big digital product companies (such as mobile) took ICT to test almost every single component on board, in order to verify if it complies with design range and param...
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  • Zollner To Invest In New Plant To Manufacture Circuit Boards Oct 22,2022
    On 13 October, Zollner Elektronik AG, the market leader in European EMS suppliers, issued a press release stating that it is opening a new manufacturing site on the east coast of Tunisia (northern Africa) and that, with the new plant in Tunisia, it will be able to expand its production capacity and resources in the medium to long term to produce PCBs and electronic modules in an industrial environ...
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  • Through-hole technology Assembly Oct 22,2022
    Part 1: THT Assembly PCB assembly for through-hole technology is different than the Surface mount technology as THD Can not be mounted on top of the PCB so there are two procedures to follow for THT assembly. One of them is the traditional Manual method and second one is automatic method. Some steps are discussed here in detail. Step1: Component’s placement Themanual methodof components placement ...
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  • What is the significance of circuit protection? Nov 10,2022
    Setting up overvoltage and overcurrent protection is becoming increasingly important in all types of electronics. Here's a chat about what circuit protection really means.  (1) Today's circuit boards are becoming more and more integrated, and the price of boards has gone up along with them, so we need to strengthen the protection.  (2) Semiconductor devices, ICs have a tendency to operat...
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  • What's pcb prototype? Mar 16,2023
    PCB prototype refers to the initial version of a printed circuit board (PCB) that is created for testing and evaluation purposes before mass production. PCBs are used in many electronic devices and are a crucial component in the design and production of electronic circuits. Creating a prototype PCB involves designing a schematic and then laying out the components and circuit traces on a physical b...
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