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What is the significance of circuit protection?
Setting up overvoltage and overcurrent protection is becoming increasingly important in all types of electronics. Here's a chat about what circuit protection really means. 
(1) Today's circuit boards are becoming more and more integrated, and the price of boards has gone up along with them, so we need to strengthen the protection. 
(2) Semiconductor devices, ICs have a tendency to operate at lower and lower voltages, and the purpose of circuit protection is to reduce energy losses, reduce heat generation and extend service life. 
(3) Automotive devices, as the conditions of the use environment are more harsh than the general electronic products, the car driving conditions are ever-changing, the car starts to produce a large instantaneous peak voltage, etc.. Therefore, in the power adapter for these electronic equipment supporting products, generally to use overvoltage protection components. 
(4) communications equipment, communications sites have certain requirements for lightning surge protection, the use of overvoltage protection in these devices, overcurrent protection components become important, they are the key to ensuring the user's personal safety and normal communication. 
(5) Most of the failures of electronic products are caused by overvoltage or overcurrent phenomena in electronic equipment circuits, and as our requirements for the quality of electronic equipment become higher and higher, electronic circuit protection has become more negligible.

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