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  • What's RF PCB? What's RF PCB? Jul 10,2023
    We Mainly Bulid Volume Production & High Difficult Printed Circuit Boards. Send Your Inquiry to, we will quote you in 2 hours! RF PCB (RF PCB) is a printed circuit board dedicated to the design and manufacture of radio frequency (Radio Frequency) circuits. Radio frequency circuits refer to high frequency signal circuits used in wireless communication, radar, satellite comm...
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  • What Are The Printed Circuit Board Design Software? What Are The Printed Circuit Board Design Software? Jul 17,2023
    There are several PCB design software available in the market. Here are some commonly used ones along with their advantages and disadvantages: Eagle: Advantages: Easy to learn and use, suitable for small to medium-sized projects, extensive component library, good community support. Disadvantages: Limited capabilities for larger designs, free version has limitations on board size and number of laye...
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  • Why there is no copper in the circuit board hole? Why there is no copper in the circuit board hole? Jul 28,2023
    Copper is a common material used in circuit boards, especially for the conductive traces that connect various components and elements of the circuit. However, it is possible that the term "copper in the circuit board hole" may refer to different things, and I'll cover a few possibilities: Plated Through-Holes (PTH): In traditional circuit boards, plated through-holes are holes drilled through the ...
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  • What is pcb personalizada? What is pcb personalizada? Aug 04,2023
    Ucreate are a professional  electronic contract manufacturing factory ,we manufacture according to your Design-BOM,Gerber file and testing procedures,while providing you best recommendations for easy manufactuing and cost saving. Send Your PCB files and Bom list to, Estimate Cost Now "PCB personalizada" is a Spanish term that translates to "customized PCB" in English. PCB...
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  • What is PCB? Aug 10,2023
    A PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is a fundamental component in the field of electronics and technology. It is a flat board made from a non-conductive material, such as fiberglass or composite materials, with conductive pathways etched or printed onto its surface. These pathways are usually made of copper and serve as connections between various electronic components on the board. PCBs play a crucial ...
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  • What is industrial control circuit boards? What is industrial control circuit boards? Aug 14,2023
    In the heart of modern industrial automation lies a technology that powers seamless operations and unlocks the potential of machinery - Industrial Control Circuit Boards. These unassuming components are the unsung heroes behind the scenes, orchestrating precision, efficiency, and reliability in factories and processes worldwide. In this article, we'll delve into the realm of Industrial Electronics...
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  • Why use flexible circuit boards? Aug 18,2023
    A Flexible Circuit Board, also known as a flex PCB or flex circuit, is a type of electronic circuit board that is designed to be flexible and bendable. Unlike traditional rigid circuit boards, which are made from rigid materials like fiberglass or ceramics, flexible circuit boards are constructed using flexible materials that allow them to bend, twist, and conform to different shapes without break...
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  • Functional introduction of Radar PCB Functional introduction of Radar PCB Sep 04,2023
    Radar PCB is a circuit board specialized in radar systems for connecting and supporting various electronic components and devices in the radar system. It plays a key role in the radar system and enables the normal operation and efficient performance of the radar system. The main roles of the radar PCB include: 1. providing support and connection of electronic components: the radar PCB is arranged ...
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