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  • Why are most printed circuit boards green? Apr 07,2023
    If you are asked what colour a printed circuit board is, I believe the first response is green. Printed circuit boards are basically made up of pads, vias, solder resist layers, silkscreen layers, copper traces, various components and other parts. Copper is a more active metal, in the air is easy to react with the oxygen in the air, in order to prevent copper vaporisation, will use a special ink, ...
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  • What is the difference between FPC flexible boards and PCB rigid boards? Apr 10,2023
    Flexible printed circuit (FPC) boards and rigid printed circuit boards (PCBs) are two types of circuit boards used in electronic devices. The main difference between FPC and PCB is their flexibility and rigidity. FPC boards are made of a flexible material such as polyimide or polyester film, which allows the board to be bent, twisted, or folded to fit into tight spaces or conform to the shape of t...
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  • Precautions for purchasing HDI blind and buried hole circuit boards? Precautions for purchasing HDI blind and buried hole circuit boards? May 03,2023
    As the current design of portable products is developing toward miniaturization and high density,the difficulty of PCB design is also increasing, which puts forward higher requirements for PcB processing technology. Most of the current portable products use the BGA package with a pitch of less than 0.65mm, and the design process of blind and buried holes is used. So what is a blind and buried hole...
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  • Half Hole PCB May 03,2023
    What is a Half Hole PCB? Half-hole PCB means that one drill hole (drill, gong groove) is drilled, and then the second drill, shape process, and finally half of the metallized hole (groove) is reserved. Module PCBs are basically designed with half holes, mainly for the convenience of welding, small module area, and many functional requirements. The usual half hole is to design a hole on the edge of...
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  • What is an Impedance Circuit Board? May 03,2023
    What is an impedance circuit board? Impedance circuit board refers to the circuit board that requires impedance control. A good laminate structure can control the characteristic impedance of the printed circuit board. Its traces can form an easily controllable and predictable transmission line structure called impedance circuit. plate. Impedance control means that under a high-frequency signal, th...
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  • How to Judge the Quality of PCB Circuit Board? May 06,2023
    When we get a PCB circuit board, how do we preliminarily judge its quality? Here, the editor of Ucreate printed circuit board company will share a few details with you. Although these details do not 100% prove that the quality of the PCB circuit board must be good, if a circuit board manufacturer can control these details in place, it is enough to show that they The emphasis on quality and the rig...
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  • What is A High Frequency PCB? What is A High Frequency PCB? May 06,2023
    What is a high frequency PCB? High-frequency PCB refers to a special circuit board with high electromagnetic frequency. It is a circuit board produced by using part of the ordinary printed circuit board manufacturing method on the microwave substrate copper-clad laminate or by using a special processing method. Most of the time, these high-frequency PCBs have a frequency range between 500MHZ and 2...
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  • How to Pack The PCB Circuit Board? May 11,2023
    The PCB circuit board is the carrier for the electrical connection of electronic components and plays an important role. Since the PCB circuit board has moisture-sensitive requirements, the packaging requires sealing, adding a desiccant, and vacuuming. The advanced requirement is that the packaging material 's EsD-proof. OsP boards additionally require packaging materials to be free of sulfur. So,...
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